Fire and Flames – grill delicacies

A barbecue over the open fire guarantees for surprisingly culinary experiences with any kind of grill delicacies. Cervelat is great on a skewer for example. It can even be wrapped in a strip of bacon for a change. The St Gallen veal sausage on the other hand, can be a brilliant addition to the barbecue grill.

Ethics build trust

When hiking through the Swiss mountains it becomes obvious immediately. The idea of animals grazing on the pastures is not a cliché, but living culture. This forms the perfect conditions for healthy cattle and high-quality meat specialities that can be eaten with a clear conscience.

In order to ensure things stay this way in the future, around 60 percent of Swiss farmers participate in Swiss Meat QM. This quality management programme guarantees that animals are raised in surroundings that conform to environmental and animal welfare standards.

Moreover, state initiatives, legislation and regulations promote the responsible treatment of animals, something that is ensured by independent inspections.