«Grüezi» from Swiss hiking country

We will take you on a trek through Switzerland, where a backpack full of culinary surprises awaits you. Discover the diverse regional meat specialities with us! Whether a classic, such as the world-famous Bündnerfleisch (air-dried Grisons beef), or tasty sausages for the grill or cold meat platter, Swiss meat means exclusivity. A variety of meat specialities are designated as products with a Protected Geographical Indication.

One reason for the first-class quality of the wide range of Swiss meat specialities is the country's agricultural infrastructure, in which mass production is prohibited by law. With an average size of 17 hectares, farms are small by international standards. And even the meat processors are often traditional family farms, or started out that way. So it's no wonder that such a diverse range of products has developed.

Swiss Union for the Promotion of the AOC-IGPIndication of origin

Visit, discover, enjoy

Here is a short overview of the diverse regional meat specialities: