Swiss Meat

International mar­ke­ting com­mu­ni­ca­tion

Since 2008, Proviande has been supporting the development and expansion of the export-orientated Swiss meat companies in their activities abroad. With effective marketing campaigns and powerful arguments, the image of the brand «Swiss Meat» abroad is set to become stronger and should pave the way for it to become a regular feature in international supermarkets.

Target countries

From January 2015, the export marketing activities are focussed on the target country of Germany.  At the same time, other target markets are under observation and are being evaluated as possible areas for development.

Target groups

After successfully working with those who make business decisions on an international level, the main focus will be on the end users in Germany. External influencing parties include the German consumer, gastronomy and specialist media. The objective of international marketing communication in the medium term is to introduce, promote and publicise the «Swiss Meat» brand.