A taste of Switzerland

Swiss Meat offers clear added value

Swiss Meat is a high-quality product. It really makes sense to think about the source.

A slice of Switzerland
In the Swiss grasslands, many family farms turn natural resources into nutritious food. They look after the countryside and help maintain a healthy biodiversity.

Animal welfare
Swiss livestock farmers really value their animals, which are protected by law. 84% of livestock farmers even opt to adhere to more stringent standards.

Natural feeding methods
Livestock are fed using environmentally-sound foodstuffs, which are completely GM free. 85% comes from Switzerland. The use of performanceenhancing hormones and antibiotics is banned.

Animal-friendly transportation
Switzerland has the strictest laws in the world when it comes to transporting animals. This means less stress for the animals and consequently, a supe-rior quality of meat.

Safe food
Swiss Meat has earned your trust. Products can be traced right back to the farm.  Switzerland is regarded as largely disease free and strict legislation ensures a safer production process at all levels