Our future will be shaped by increasingly open borders and competition from foreign products. With this in mind, the Swiss agriculture industry has created a standardised mark of origin to label Swiss foodstuffs that have been produced under controlled conditions as a trusted source. SUISSE GARANTIE products must originate from and have been processed in Switzerland. The raw materials used must be produced by approved manufacturers who have registered for Proof of Ecological Performance (PEP), actively take part in it and are monitored accordingly. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may be used in the production of plant- and animal-based products. Livestock farming is subject to additional requirements as well as the basic legal regulations.


The manufacture of products that are labelled with the SUISSE GARANTIE certification mark is systematically monitored. A comprehensive quality management system guarantees that the origin and production regulations are respected. Compliance with the requirements is monitored by independent certification bodies that are approved by the Swiss federal government. The monitoring system covers the entire production chain, from the producers and processors through to the retail trade, thereby ensuring product traceability.

Companies in the meat industry

Companies in the meat industry can also use the SUISSE GARANTIE certification mark. The requirements that must be met in this case are stated in the general regulations and in the specific regulations for the meat industry. Successful certification is required in order to be authorised by Agro-Marketing Suisse (AMS) to use the SUISSE GARANTIE certification mark.


The AMS fee per authorisation is CHF 50 plus VAT. The costs of certification are agreed between the company and the AMS-approved certification body that it has appointed and depend largely on the company’s existing structures (separate flow of goods).

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