Sustainable farming

Consumers are calling for environmentally friendly and animal-friendly production but at the same time they also want foodstuffs that are reasonably priced. Farmers are constantly finding new ways to satisfy their demands. Ecology is therefore a central component of their (continued) training. The result: high-quality meat and extensive agriculture that doesn't use as much fertiliser, plant protection products and concentrated feed.

Switzerland as the moated castle of Europe

In terms of water resources, Switzerland is ideally suited for livestock farming because of its high rainfall. While global agriculture consumes around 70% of the total fresh water available, Switzerland uses only 2%.    

Good things come in small packages

Switzerland offers all the conditions required for ecologically sustainable farming. The space available, but also tradition, means that the focus is placed on small farms. The motto has always been "good things come in small packages". Since Swiss farmers have always maintained the natural landscape and the Alpine pastures, they have many years' experience in more natural methods of production.