Competition with food production

Types of meat that are almost exclusively produced using the products of arable farming (corn, soya) may, to a certain extent, compete with plant-based foodstuffs for humans. However, valuable proteins found in meat supplement nutrition and enable an increasing percentage of the world's population to enjoy a balanced diet. Livestock can also utilise valuable by-products that are produced when grain is ground for human consumption.

Alternative use

Competition for food is also an economical problem (buying power!). Meat production is just one of many possible uses of this grain, or the land on which the grain is grown. In many of today's industrialised countries, a significant proportion of arable land is used to generate energy, and in the richest countries, a considerable amount of food ends up as waste (food-waste). According to a study carried out by the FAO, this waste amounts to between 120 kg and 300 kg per person each year globally, depending on region.