Conclusions and recommendations

Switzerland offers the perfect conditions to produce foodstuffs from animals in a sustainable fashion. The state and the agricultural and meat industries are already looking towards a more climate-friendly future. The aim is to further improve the quality of Swiss meat. The plan isn't to produce more meat, but to produce better meat, and consumers should be able to continue to enjoy it in moderation. This will not only benefit the environment, but also health, in general terms.

«Nose to Tail»

Meat produced sustainably does, however, come at a cost. The recipe for success is conscious enjoyment of adequate amounts of the highest-quality meat. Such high quality can be found not only in fillets and other prime cuts, which need to be imported, but also in stewing meat, joints or sausages. Lots of cheaper animal parts are simply waiting to be rediscovered with delicious recipes.

Balanced diet

The future is all about consumption in moderation. This applies not only to animal products, but to all of our requirements as well. We need to reject radical suggestions that demonise certain foodstuffs. The facts are too complex for simple solutions, which is why we need to place our trust in a sensible, balanced diet, in which animal products have their own place. Each consumer should be able to make their own decision regarding their consumption of meat. Anyone who chooses Swiss meat can have a good conscience in ecological and ethical terms.