Swiss special: The Apéro

Swiss Apéro

The people of Switzerland like meeting up to enjoy themselves. An Apéro at almost every opportunity is very popular. This has much to do with the many fine meat specialities which are passed around on such occasions.

Whether at a small celebration, before a big feast or after a hard day at work – in Switzerland, there is hardly ever an occasion without an Apéro. With little delicacies and in a sociable atmosphere, guests can let the day draw to a close in style, or bridge the culinary gap before a meal.

Usually rather diplomatic, the Swiss are uncompromising when it comes to taking their Apéro: a hectic pace and time pressures become a thing of the past. The Swiss make time for the important things and peacefully enjoy the culinary delicacies the country has to offer. Swiss meat specialities such as the world renowned Bündnerfleisch (air-dried Grisons beef), Walliser Trockenfleisch (Valais air-dried beef) or Appenzeller Mostbröckli are firmly connected to this lifestyle and are never missing from any Apéro platter because of their unique taste. A selection of cheeses and bread served as finger food compliment these, as well as a good glass of white wine or sometimes even a cold beer.

This appealing Swiss tradition has found more and more followers in in the surrounding countries, too. Apéro is enjoyment without hassle – a lifestyle which has also gone down very well with gourmets.

Ingredients for a successful Apéro

  • Bündnerfleisch
  • Walliser Trockenfleisch
  • Cured Ham
  • Appenzeller Mostbröckli
  • Salami, Salsiz, Landjäger
  • A selection of cheeses
  • grapes
  • walnut
  • cress

Star chef Andreas C. Studer also loves the Swiss Apéro. His personal tip: cream cheese with freshly chopped herbs, mixed and seasoned to taste then rolled-up in thin slices of Bündnerfleisch. Beautifully served on a platter with delicious accompaniments – the Apéro is complete!